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B I O | S E R V I C E S

Passionate Artist Sculptor, Designer and Dreamer those are part of what make Sébastien Giroux tick! 
More than a decade of professionnal experiences in the movie/vfx, commercials/ads, AAA video games industry and 3d printed statue collectibles. He currently works at Ubisoft Québec on a AAA video game.
As far as he remembers has a kid he always loved things like ninja turtles, transformers and monsters to name a few. Those childhood passions helped him build a career around those interest.
Constantly trying to push himself and is skills boundaries by challenging is comfort zone. 
- Character Development and Design consulting and production.
From backstory to fonction and purpose. 
- 3D Character Concept  
For the needs of rapid variations of different type of character iterations. To help define a key character, variants of the same character (different type of outfits)  or to define clan,faction or group.
- 3D Collectibles Statues
3D printing ready collectable statue from creating a 3D file to be printed to delivering a printed and painted statue shipped at your door. All the production steps can be done or some specific step.
- 3D Video Game Characters
From high resolution 3D sculpting to 3D in-game model retopologize with UVs and Textured ready to be integrated in your game engine pipeline.
- 3D Characters for Cinematics,Commercials and VFX/Movie productions.
From a high resolution 3D  sculpting to a mid resolution model (depending on your needs) with UVs and Texture/Materials/Shading. Ready for pre-rendering pipelines.
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